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News & Alerts

"BLUE WHALE" ALERT (26.04.17):

Parents, please be vigilant to any signs or indicators in respect to children and young people engaging in this game.
There is an online game called Blue Whale, which originated in Russia. It encourages children to self harm for 50 days then committing suicide on the last day.
Signs to look out for:
- Young people carve a whale on their forearm
- Other ways of physical self-harming
- Change in behaviour (eg. being secretive)
In Hampshire there have been 2 completed suicides and 2 very-near misses.


"YELLOW - TINDER for TEENS" ALERT (26.04.17):

Parents are being warned about an app which is called ‘Yellow’ dubbed "Tinder for Teens", which could be used by paedophiles to target children.

Yellow is available to download for free for iPhone and Android devices and is described as a "free way to make new chat friends".

Yellow works like the dating app Tinder, it is designed for teenagers aged 13 plus and lets user’s look at a series of profile pictures (both male and female) within a user specified geographical radius and swipe right to ‘like’ a person and ‘left’ to pass on another user based solely on their profile picture, sex, name and age.

A ‘match’ is created when two users have swiped right ‘liking’ each other, meaning this pair can now start a private chat if they both choose to. This chat facility also links into SnapChat. This means that users can send photos or videos to each other using SnapChat.

Unlike dating app Tinder - which raised its minimum age to 18 - Yellow does not have checks in place to verify ages.

Serious concerns have been raised that paedophiles could use the app to target children. 
Yellow could also easily be used by sexual predators to groom innocent young people.

The NSPCC warn that paedophiles can easily pose as teenagers before using the app to contact underage children.


We have huge concerns about Yellow and are urging all parents to check their children's mobile phones! Please help to keep our children safe!


Attendance in % as missed days from school:
per week
per year
over 5 years
95% 1/4 day 2 weeks 1/4 year
90% 1/2 day 4 weeks 1/2 year
85% 3/4 day 6 weeks 3/4 year
80% 1 day 8 weeks 1 year
75% 1 + 1/4 day 10 weeks 1 + 1/4 year
70% 1 + 1/2  day 12 weeks 1 + 1/2 year
65% 1 + 3/4 day 14 weeks 1 + 3/4 year
60% 2 days 16 weeks 2 years
55% 2 + 1/4 days 18 weeks 2 + 1/4 years
50% 2 + 1/2 days 20 weeks 2 + 1/2 years

Lateness in minutes as missed days from school:

in minutes each day
Days off
over a school year
5 mins 3 + 1/4 days
10 mins 6 + 1/2 days
15 mins 9 + 1/2 days
20 mins 12 + 3/4 days
25 mins 16 + 3/4 days
30mins  19 days


We now have a new barrier on the school drive which was advised by the Health and Safety Department. Anyone wishing to
speak to school must come when the side gate is open otherwise please telephone school to speak to the Office.

A new, electric gate for pedestrians is now also in operation and should be used when the side gate is closed. Please use the marked path and take extra care when crossing the car park.