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Summer I Term 2017
Another fabulous half term to look back on and see how much the children have enjoyed our topic all about growing based around our Class Novel ‘The Enormous Turnip’, we explored the book using lots of different mediums, role playing, story mapping, painting and creating.

The children enjoyed growing their very own cress heads and using their very own cress on delicious egg sandwiches. The children also have been learning in great depth about what a seed needs to grow and we all took beans in a bag home to watch how they grow and what the roots are like.

Friendship Week
We had a wonderful week focusing on how to be good friend and what a good friend looks like and what kind of things can we do to be a good friend to others. All the children really enjoyed sharing their ideas and helping others to be the best they can be.

Phonics and Reading
We have had an enormous push in our phonics and reading with all the children this half term and with the support of our Trainee Teacher Miss Robinson we have been able really gets to grip with our phonics and reading making sure everyone is as ready as they can be, for the challenges and work ahead of them. The effort the children have put in has been amazing and this is now showing through their independent reading and writing. Well done everyone

What an amazing half term it has been. Looking forward to sharing our final half term of the year with you all.


Spring II Term 2017
Well what an exciting half term we have had, starting with a super parents day, celebrating all the children hard work and successes so far this year, the children should be very proud of themselves.

Reception Assembly
We Celebrated St Patrick's day on 17th March with our class assemble, the children were amazing speaking confidently in front of a lot of people, singing and dancing as well as showing of their more creative talents with paintings and beautiful shamrock head pieces. A big thank you too all that attended the children are really encouraged by your presence.
World Book Day
This year with the theme being Bedtime Stories, the whole school were encouraged to come in with their Pajamas on , including all the staff!! and to bring with them their favorite bedtime story. All the money raised will be going to our wonderful school library and Reading book scheme.
Science Week
Through our class novel ‘Room on the Broom’ we explored how to make potions and spells in our very own science experiments in class this week. The children enjoyed making up their own potions and magic words and finding out how different liquids can cause change – we had lots of bubbling cauldrons and spells flying around all week!
What an amazing half term it has been. Looking forward to sharing the next half term with you all.



Spring I Term 2017

We have had an amazing start to the New Year in Reception Class, talking about our goals for the New Year and what we can do for others and ourselves.

We Celebrated the Epiphany with a lovely Christmas lunch with all the trimmings and had a wonderful treat in the shape of Marks Magical Kingdom an entertainer with a difference, the children enjoyed it very much.

Road Safety
We learnt the importance of crossing the Road safely and the Green Cross Code with the Road Safety Team that spent two days in school delivering vital messages and training throughout all the year groups.

Eureka Educational Visit
The children enjoyed a fun packed educational day at Eureka, the museum for children in Halifax, where we had an interactive work shop exploring our class novel ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’, the children took part in planning and acting out their own story using props and costumes. We then explored the rest of the museum, learning about our bodies and how technology works. We also had the opportunity to become bankers, shop keepers, mechanics and many more wonderful characters throughout our time there. We even had our lunch on a real (unused) train.

What a wonderful day! And what a wonderful half term it has been.


Autumn II Term 2016

Well what a busy and exciting half term we have had. Starting with our whole school Inspirational Maths week, where we explored all things to do with number, shape and measure both indoor and outdoor. The children enjoyed all the extra challenges and really turned into mathematicians for the week we had lots of number detectives and shape finders.

The Gruffalo
We have been doing lots of learning about our class book – The Gruffalo, as well as learning how to sequence the story, we have had role play activities in our very own ‘Gruffalo cave’, made our own sensory area to understand more about where the characters lived and integrated the story throughout all areas of learning to make it a truly memorable story for the children. The children have become very confident in retelling the story; ask them and see if they can amaze you with their learning.

Pantomime Visit - Cinderella
We had a fabulous time on our educational visit to the Carriageworks theatre in Leeds to see the Pantomime, Cinderella! The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and everyone was very well behaved and sensible, all the children should be very proud of themselves.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas. 


Autumn I Term 2016

We have had a great start to the year, everyone has settled in very well and are enjoying all the opportunities Reception class offers. The children have done exceptionally well with learning all the new routines, staying all day and having their lunch in the hall with the rest of the school, as well as attending school masses in Church and of course the weekly assemblies in the school hall. They have all really impressed me with their grown up attitudes.

Roald Dahl Focus Day
We had a fabulous time celebrating the wonderful works of Roald Dahl. We dressed up as characters in the stories as well as explored the book ‘The Enormous Crocodile’, making our very own crocodiles and acting out the story.
Ourselves Topic
We have been doing lots of learning about our families, our bodies and senses exploring how all these things make us special and unique. Our hospital Role play area has been a big hit with lots of patients needing attention and medical attention.

I am extremely proud of how the children have adapted very quickly to staying the full day in school. The new routine of Lunch time has been embraced and the children are choosing and enjoying the lovely dinners that are on offer including extra healthy choices from the salad bar.


A warm welcome to all parents and children in Reception. This year, supporting your child’s learning will be Mrs Shaw, Miss Sultan and Mrs Hammill.