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Summer I Term 2017

As usual we have had a busy and exciting half term. We had our Holy Week assembly of the Last Supper which was well attended by parents of both Years 3 and 4. We focused on the events of Holy Week in preparation for the celebration of the Resurrection. On the Thursday of that week, we had a topic day about Italy to conclude our study of the Romans.

Returning from our Easter weekend, we had Friendship Week in school which involved exciting activities across the curriculum. We wrote friendship poems and made friendship cookies and cards for the Nursery children.

The First Holy Communion day was drawing closer and all our preparation had been completed. On Saturday 13th May, 23 children made their First Holy Communion in St. Francis of Assisi church. They were a credit to the school and their parents. It was a joyful celebration for everyone.

This term we have been studying Rainforests and it has captured the interest of all the class. Many pupils have done their own research at home and love to tell the class what they have found out.

In Literacy, we have been using our class novel ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ to improve our creative writing skills. In Maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of fractions and 2D/3D shape.

We are looking forward to a well-deserved rest and will come back to school suitably refreshed for the final half term in Year3.


Spring II Term 2017

Our first week back was exciting as we had ‘Super Sports Day’ on Thursday 23rd February where the children and staff dressed up as a sports personality. We had an early ‘Wake Up and Shake Up’ then P.E and dance activities for each class. On Wednesday 22nd February, we were delighted with the turnout of parents for the Parents Consultation Day. The children were excited and happy for their parents to talk to staff and look at their books.

During Lent, we have made Lenten promises and displayed them on our Lenten Tree in the classroom. As part of our Lenten activities Year 3 and 4 went to St. Anthony’s church for Mass. Also on Wednesday 29th March Father Michael celebrated a class mass with Year 3. It was a very prayerful occasion.

For World Book Day, the focus was Bedtime stories so pupils and staff were invited to wear pyjamas in school. During Recorder lessons Miss Lee sang the class some lullabies!

As part of our Roman topic, Dave Weldrake, an archaeologist, spent a Friday morning with the class. He explained what his work involved and brought in some artefacts for the children to handle. They asked him lots of interesting questions and he complemented them on their knowledge of Romans.

On Saturday 25th March, the First Holy Communion children received the Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Francis Church. It was a beautiful occasion and the children were a credit to their parents.

We have finished for the holiday but look forward to returning for Holy Week activities and our Last Supper Assembly on Wednesday 12th April at 2.30.


Spring I Term 2017

This half term has been busy and very exciting! Year3 gave an assembly promoting our focus in PSHE, “Going for Goals”. This was all about making New Year resolutions and setting achievable goals. The children have really taken this on board and they are more focused and know how to make progress in their learning.

In Maths, we have been concentrating on multiplication and division and pupils have really improved in their times tables’ knowledge. In Literacy, we have been reading Anne Fine’s novel “The Diary of a Killer Cat “and lessons have been planned around this.

Our History topic, the Roman Legacy, has really inspired the class. They have done lots of their own research about the Romans. On 25th January, we had our Roman Workshop brought to us by the Outreach Services of Malton Museum. The children were enthusiastic and very well behaved.

Our new Reading Scheme Bug Club has been a big success. Children are really enjoying the books and are doing their homework on line. Thank you to all the parents who are supporting their children with this.

In R.E we had a Sikhism focus day for the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh. Children enjoyed the activities and contributed to Mrs Broughton’s exciting display outside of Year3 and 4.

On 29th January, we had the Enrolment mass for the First Holy Communion pupils. The children received their ‘I Belong’ book from Father Michael and the whole parish prayed for them. It was well attended and it was a prayerful experience. The following Friday, First Holy Communion preparation lessons began.

Last week the Road Safety team came to work with Year3 looking at travelling safely and the importance of seat belts. The class were very attentive and asked lots of questions.

We look forward to a good rest at half term and return refreshed for more challenges and enjoyment.


Roman Visitors in Year 3

On Wednesday afternoon Year 3 had a Roman activity afternoon brought to us by the Outreach team from Malton Museum. This is because our topic this term is all about the Roman legacy. Mrs Shaw and her two colleagues arrived wearing Roman costume and bearing interesting artefacts. The class were excited and participated with great enthusiasm. The children had activities including making mosaics, dressing up in costume, working as an archaeologist sorting pottery, bones and other materials, playing Roman games and learning about life as a Roman soldier. The ladies complemented the class on their existing knowledge and their beautiful manners. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and agreed it had been a wonderful learning experience. Well done Year 3!


Autumn II Term 2016

Everyone says the term leading up to Christmas is busy and how right they are. After half term, we had our ‘Inspirational Maths’ focus week which was very exciting. There were lots of practical and fun ways to learn Maths involving investigations. The children became more confident and motivated in their Maths lessons.

At the beginning of November, we had a Hinduism focus day where the class made a Diwali lantern and did some artwork about the Hindu god Shiva. In R.E we have been studying the role of Mary as Mother of God. The children wrote some beautiful prayers to Mary in class. As Advent approached each class prepared an Advent assembly. Year 3 and Year 4 told the story of Mary and Joseph. All the acting and singing was a credit to the children. It was well attended by parents and everyone agreed the performance was amazing.

In Science, the topic has been ‘Rocks and Soils’ and many pupils have brought in bits of stone and materials eager to show Mrs Briggs. In Literacy, we studied poems called clerihews and wrote some about characters from our class novel ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. We also have been looking at the features of Myths. Currently we have been studying letters and written one to Santa. In recorder lessons, the children learnt to play ‘Jingle Bells’ and performed it in the first Advent assembly in church. Miss Lee, our recorder teacher accompanied them and was pleased with their performance. Well done!


Autumn I Term 2016

How quickly this first half time has passed! The children have settled well into their new class especially being Key Stage 2 now. In September the Roald Dahl Focus day was enjoyed by both pupils and staff. It was very cross curricular and highlighted the enjoyment of reading and author studies. The children and staff enjoyed dressing up as a Roald Dahl character.

On October 5th we visited the Yorkshire Museum to learn about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Prehistoric Progress workshop where they took part in various exciting activities like making a Stone Age tent, drawing using pieces of flint, coin making, weaving on a loom and dressing up for a hunting ceremony. The day passed quickly with lunch outside in the beautiful gardens and a quick look at the ruins of St. Mary’s Chapel. The staff were very pleased with how the children conducted themselves around the museum. It was a wonderful experience for everyone! In Science the topic has been studying Animals and living things, which includes looking at healthy eating and how the body works. The children enjoyed making a skeleton.

In R.E we have been looking at The Christian Family which meant studying the sacrament of Baptism. Last week both Year 3 and Year 4 went to church for a talk about the sacraments. The children were very attentive and enjoyed it. Father Michael complemented them on the quality of their answers. We are looking forward to our first assembly in Year3 this Friday.


Welcome to Year 3!

Your teachers will be Mrs Briggs (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Pierce (Thurs-Fri) and other adults helping us learn are Miss Craven, Miss O'Hara and Miss Cullinane.  

We are looking forward to meeting you and together we will work hard to help your child reach their potential.