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Summer I Term 2017
The term since Easter has certainly flown by and here we are nearly at the end of Year 5! Once again, we have had a very enjoyable half term and the children continue to make great progress
The term ended with a blazing-hot day of cricketing up at Hunslet Nelson Cricket Club in which David and Percy shone, with ball and bat, respectively.
In RE, we have been studying the topic of Life in the Risen Lord, which involved more role plays and reflection on the times we are closest to God. The children always impress me with their sensitive understanding of the part Jesus plays in our lives. The class completed their booklets about Easter Week and some of them did some detective work about the questions (and answers) surrounding the Resurrection.
In Literacy lessons, we learned, and had a great time performing, the poem ‘Macavity’ by T.S. Eliot. The children really enjoyed mapping the story out using pictures and wrote brilliant newspaper reports to bring this story to life. Some children went further and reported this story on the side of Macavity himself. We have also delved more deeply into our topic of Shang Dynasty China by reading ‘The Firework Maker’s  Daughter’ in Guided Reading.
In Maths, we have looked at the topic of Shape, in particular angles, perimeter, area, coordinates and how to translate shapes. We will look to consolidate this work in the coming term, as well as continuing to strengthen children’s basic numeracy skills.
As previously, I would like to thank parents for your support with the Bug Club reading scheme. Well done to the majority of children who continue to log on regularly at home and complete the activities.
Well done to everyone for your hard work. We look forward to consolidating our learning in the final term this year, in order to make sure everyone is ready for the challenge ahead in Year 6!
Mr Ram


Spring II Term 2017

Lent has certainly whizzed by very quickly! We have had a very enjoyable half term and made great strides with our writing and maths.
The term began with an exciting trip to Mount St. Mary’s to see their all-singing-all-dancing production of West Side Story. No doubt many of our Year 5 class will be gracing the stage and wowing the audience, in years to come!
In RE, we have been studying the topic of Reconciliation, which involved some marvellous role plays and newspaper articles about the Parable of the Lost Son! The children really impressed me with their understanding of this story. We are continuing to look at the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the stories behind Holy Week in the lead up to Easter.
In Literacy lessons, we recapped some of the work done in Year 4, returning to the topic of news articles. We had a great time retelling the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops in a class newspaper. The children have all written fabulous reports which really bring this story to life and developed their use of formal English. Some children went further and retold this myth from the perspective of a cyclops, to great comic effect.
Similarly, I have been very impressed at how well children have started to link up the topics of fractions, decimals and percentages this term. This has been a huge step forward and regular practice of basic skills and mental maths is certainly paying off!
Once again, it is very pleasing how well children are putting their new Bug Club books to such good use, by logging on regularly at home.
As we approach Holy Week, we look forward with excitement to our Good Friday mass, which will take place on the 13th of April. We look forward to seeing you there.


Spring I Term 2017

Once again, it has been a roller-coaster of a half term, with the children continuing to work very hard on their Maths and writing right up to the holidays.

In RE, we learned about the 5K’s of the Sikh faith, and had a lovely time making Kesh (Sikh combs) out of lolly sticks and coloured card. Once again, Ashudeep delighted us with his knowledge and passion for different languages and religions, producing some wonderful work about the Kirpan (symbolic Sikh knife). The children also researched inspirational Christians including Pope Francis and Martin Luther King before producing some very creative and colourful posters about the Beatitudes.

Year 5 have listened very attentively to the Road Safety team and managed to produce a host of promotional songs, raps and posters explaining the Green Cross Code to older children. It was very impressive how enthusiastically the children threw themselves into this task! On the last day of term, most of the class led the school in a collective worship about the topic of food and thankfulness for what we have. The children all spoke beautifully and did themselves proud!


In Literacy and Topic lessons, we have delved deeply into the battles, beliefs and mythology of Ancient Greece. Children have read and retold Greek myths including Pandora’s Box, Icarus and Daedalus and Theseus and the Minotaur. They have all researched and written fabulous reports about everyday life in Ancient Greece and studied a range of artefacts.


Our class had a great visit to Dewsbury Road Library and have borrowed some books to read at school. Our new Bug Club books have enthused everyone and I am very pleased that so many children are accessing the website and developing their reading skills at home.


As we approach Lent and Holy Week, we will reflect on the reasons for abstinence and alms giving. Children will make Lenten promises, raise money for good causes and celebrate an Ash Wednesday mass.


We are greatly looking forward to our fabulous trip to Mount St Mary’s in the first week. More on that very soon!


Autumn II Term 2016

I have spent a lovely half term getting to know the children in the lead up to Christmas! We are all working very hard, and the children constantly delight me with their achievements and interests!
In our celebration of Diwali, we enjoyed making diwa lamps out of clay and we learned lots about the story of Rama and Sita.  Ashudeep in particular was a font of knowledge about this subject! 
We all got very excited about the School Council elections and it was pleasing to see the children throw themselves into this democratic process with such enthusiasm! In the end, after all the candidates had the chance to present their manifestos to the class, we whittled them down to just six, and I am extremely pleased for Jojo and Benedite who we are sure will make very capable and responsible representatives. Well done indeed to everyone who took part in just the right spirit!
In common with Year 6, we have enjoyed the visit of some representatives of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Birds). The children searched high and low for animal habitats in the school grounds and managed to find many birds’ nests I didn’t know were there! In addition, we had great fun participating in a sculpture workshop in which the children made a fabulous selection of colourful, twirling road signs. Look out for these on Dewsbury Road any time in the next year!
As we approach the end of Advent, we have been able to reflect each day on the true meaning and origin of Christmas. The children have each shared an Advent prayer with the class and we have reflected on those Christians around the world who continue to suffer for their faith. We hope to have a lovely celebration at our disco and certainly wish all our families a restful, and a very happy Christmas.
We also look forward to all the learning we will do in 2017. See you there!

Autumn I Term 2016

Year 5 have had an amazing half term. Our topic about the Victorian’s came to life through our trip to Armley Mills. We all paid a penny to attend Victorian school where we: wrote with slate and chalk; used quill pens; attended a drill session (PE) and science lesson. Although it was close, nobody was given the cane. In the afternoon we were employed as mill children where we each learnt about our trade.

In literacy we have been reading Oliver Twist. We’ve described the Artful Dodger and written Oliver’s diary. We’re looking forward to next half term when we’ll discover the next chapter of Oliver’s life.

Our knowledge of earth and space has developed well and we’re able to tell you all about phases of the moon, the planets and our seasons.

Next half term we are looking forward to getting to know our teacher, Mr Ram, who is covering for Mrs Cole whilst she has her baby.


It’s only week two, but we are already really focused on our learning and the year ahead. We have so much to look forward to this year and both children and staff are very excited about the challenges we face together. Please feel free to come and introduce yourself to me, before or after school.

I am already enjoying teaching my new class and look forward to meeting you all. Mrs Cole